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Dr. Frenkel Obstetrician-Gynecologist  
Vita Balance Oxygen Facial

Formulated for your skin type, revitalizes and softens the complexion through hydration with double intensity. Powered by innovative topical oxygen application utilizing OxyOasis and specially designed cosmetic ingredients. Oxygen is vital for your skin, refreshing and rejuvenating it.

Oxygen therapies for the beauty industry revolve around the use of medical grade oxygen as a delivery mechanism for active ingredients in to the skin. It is also used as a “wash” over the face of a client post traditional facial therapies in an attempt to stimulate or feed the skin so new collagen growth can occur. Common promotional statements used usually include a reference to the rejuvenating power of oxygen, and this is where the perception of beneficial results is fostered.
In some cases, the oxygen facial is incorrectly termed "hyperbaric oxygen therapy", as this is something completely different.

As a delivery mechanism, the oxygen is compressed and sprayed at high pressure directly on to the skin surface. A “serum” of active ingredients such as nutrients or vitamins etc, are introduced to the oxygen stream just before the skin, and the combined oxygen and ingredients in the form of a high pressure jet forces its way past the skins barrier defence systems and in to the lower levels of the epidermis.
The key function of the oxygen here is theorised to be an increased absorption of the active ingredients; much like would be experienced with Iontophoresis or Sonophoresis; the ingredients accompanying the oxygen jet are purported to have beneficial effects due to their specific properties.
In addition to therapeutic compounds, moisturising and other water binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can be introduced to the oxygen jet, and this type of use is where the most amount of publicity is being generated and subsequent increased use.

  Dr. Brener is a physiatrist. She has been affiliated with Beth Israel Medical Center.
She earned her M.D. from Vinnitsa Medical Institute of N.I. Pirogova and completed her residency in physical medicine & rehabilitation at Downstate & Kings County Hospital Center.
Dr. Frenkel is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Bay OB/GYN, P.C. in Brooklyn. He has been affiliated with New York Methodist Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital.  
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